Premium PABX VOIP  Solutions

PABX VOIP Solutions

Atlas Office Solutions offers VOIP PABX Phone Systems that are easy to cut down on costs and increase connectivity. We’ll set it all up and get you talking to customers in no time.

Why use VOIP?

Though VoIP is quickly gaining popularity, some small businesses are still on the sidelines, concerned that VoIP audio quality is substandard, that the technology is difficult or costly to implement and their phone service will be interrupted if their electricity goes out.

Cut Call Costs

Using VoIP can dramatically reduce your telecom costs. Running expenses for VoIP service providers are substantially lower than traditional phone companies, which must contend with the existing, expensive-to-maintain phone infrastructure and costly industry regulations. With lower expenses, VoIP providers can charge much less than their competitors.

Voice & data on one system

With VoIP, companies never need to manage independent systems for telephone and data. Another considerable money saver. In addition, the costs related to personnel relocations, new team members and changes which can easily set you back R1000 or more per event are essentially abolished. All you need to do is relocate your Internet Protocol handset (or traditional telephone with a VoIP adapter) to a different broadband network port and plug it in.

Versatile & Scalable

VoIP solutions help make your telephone system extremely adaptable. Our systems enable you to accomplish things that are just not possible with traditional telephone technology.

Take your phone with you

With an internet connection, you can make use of your phone system anywhere. Clients and workers can keep in contact by simply calling your normal business telephone number. They don’t need to call your mobile phone.


Speak on your laptop.

Most systems include telephone software that allows you to send & receive phone calls using a headset device connected to your computer. You’ll never miss an urgent call from a customer, even when you’re using your notebook in public.

Voicemail & fax to email.

Many solutions enable you to have voice mail and faxes sent to your normal email inbox. You get all of your notifications in a single location. PLUS your voice mail and faxes can easily be saved or sent to others. Additionally, Users can get their emails “read” to voicemail.

Get a virtual telephone number

Your phone number can easily have any available area code, not necessarily just the one designated to your location. As an example, a business based in Johannesburg can have a telephone number with a Pretoria area code especially beneficial in the event that your company has (or really wants) clients in Pretoria.

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