Atlas Office Solutions offers a range of CCTV solutions around Johannesburg for your home, commercial or industrial security needs.

CCTV Products and Solutions

Why should we provide your CCTV solution?

• Installations – We take care of installations and handle every aspect of the project with the help of our fully trained and certified crew.

• Various rental or leasing options – We offer a range of short and long-term rental options that can change along with your company.

• System Design and Integration – Our team will design and install any security system that your company requires, no matter the size.

• Service-Level Agreement – We strive to produce good quality products and deliver the best service.

• Service and Maintenance – Our products include a maintenance agreement that covers parts, labour, toner, drum replacement, product installation and travelling costs. We will maintain and repair products supplied and installed by us.

• Knowledge and Experience – Our team has ample experience and training with CCTV and security service installations.

Remote Viewing

Remote Control Cameras


CCTV Monitoring and Recording

IP Cameras – Cameras that will lead you into the future.

Security Cameras – For home or control room use

Wireless CCTV for Mobile - Monitor your camera footage from your phone or computer.

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